At Moraga Veterinary Hospital, we appreciate that our warm, caring staff can make all the difference in a client’s care. We are lucky to have dedicated, skilled team members to help the hospital run smoothly and to provide the best care possible to our clients and their families.



Stacey is our UC Davis-educated RVT and she’s been with us for 25 years. When not at work, you’ll find her managing her three children who are growing up all too quickly.


Suzi has been part of the MVH family for about 10 years and is the backbone of our front office. If you have visited with your kids, you may know she is our Sticker Fairy and always there with a hug when you need one. She loves MVH because, “we have great clients!”


Lindsey is our resident goofball and a reliable team member. She has fostered kittens and can make a mean banana muffin.


Kandice grew up raising rabbits and now has two cats of her own. She’s a Harry Potter enthusiast and a proud Hufflepuff member.


Kailee has worked with animals for years and can be found caring for her 2 Rottweilers (Pearl and Phoenix) and her cat when she’s not at MVH. “I love working at MVH because I’m learning so much and everyone is so nice.”


Marielle is always a friendly face around the office and we wish her luck as she applies to college this year.