Dr. Bill Kidd purchased Moraga Veterinary Hospital in 1977 and his son Ian joined the practice in January of 2010. Dr. Bill Kidd’s love and dedication to his profession has built up the practice to provide the community with first-rate pet care.

To remain a high quality provider of veterinary care, we have expanded the facility with modern equipment. The hospital is equipped to deal with routine care, as well as a broad range of medical and surgical cases.

One of our goals is to remain up to date on the new advances in veterinary medicine. To that end, we attend weekly meetings with board certified specialists to discuss new developments in the field and review on going cases. We also attend monthly seminars and week long national conferences in addition to keeping up with several journals.

Moraga Veterinary Hospital knows the importance of staying connected with the community. We donate extensively to local schools and community programs. In the past Dr. Bill Kidd has received awards and recognition from animal welfare groups for volunteer services the hospital has provided.

Providing good medical care is important to us but it’s not much use unless clients can afford the care. One of our goals is to assure our patients get the best care that veterinary medicine has to offer and not have expense be a limiting factor. Invariably we all have different budgets and different feeling about our pets. We recognize it’s our job to do the very best for our patients within the limitations caretakers might place on us. We welcome open discussion regarding fees and efforts are made to accommodate people’s limitations.